Ordering & Delivery


All sales are made at the current prices and conditions on the day of dispatch, subject to agreed credit terms. The winery uses factoring. The sale of alcohol above 2,5 vol.% can only be made to those who have a permanent bestowal authorization in categories 1, 2 or 3.

If you have any questions, just call us by phone 23 33 57 00/ 55 30 20 00, we will be happy to help you.


All prices are inclusive of special fees and cash discount of NOK 5, - per fl.
If you order less than one checkout, prices will be adjusted to no cash discount at the time you place your order.


The refund on steel barrels is invoiced upon delivery and credited upon return to Vinhuset. Pledge on box, pet, keykeg and the like is invoiced upon delivery by Vinhuset and returned in separate agreements to Infinitum.Infinitum.

Our main priority is that you as a customer are taken care of even after the transaction has been completed. That's why we've tried to make our return procedures as simple as possible.
• All returns must be approved before they are returned.

• Visible damage, mispick, damage, and/or excess must be marked on the shipping document upon receipt of goods with the signature of the driver.

• Complaints that were not detected upon receipt of goods must be reported by the end of the first following business day.
• Quality deviations of wine must be reported within 6 months. after purchase. Exceptions will be considered upon enquiry.

• Returns of goods that have been incorrectly ordered by the buyer must be subject to resale, goods that we cannot return to stock will not be returned.

• For the return of goods incorrectly ordered by the customer, NOK 15, - per bottle is counted as a fee.
• For the return of goods incorrectly ordered by the customer, which are sold only in boxes (24 fl.) /barrel, is calculated DKK 100, - per cask/barrel in fee.

• The returned goods must be sent to Vinhuset within 14 days from the approved date, if the complaint is not rejected.


You can order goods directly in our online store. You will be assigned a username and password upon registration of the account. Our online store inventory is updated at all times so you can see what we have available. If the item is available, we will deliver it as agreed.

We receive goods from all of our major suppliers several times a week. Do you have questions about when goods are coming in? Is there anything you can't find in our range, or that you wish we had? Call us at
23 33 57 00/55 30 20 00! We go as far as possible to find a solution for you!


The number of products in the delivery forms the basis for the shipping calculation, not the total order.
Antall produkter vi kan levere danner grunnlag for fraktberegning.
Greater Oslo and Bergen
Where we drive with our own cars
Free shipping
Over 60 bottles (5 boxed products)
360, -
Under 60 bottles (5 boxed products)
Rest of the country
Where we use external carriers
Free shipping
Over 120 bottles (10 boxed products)
ZIP Code 0 — 7999
820, -
Less than 120 bottles
ZIP Code 8000 — 9999
1240, -
Less than 120 bottles
Actual diet
Up to 36 boxes of 12 bottles
Bottles: Products sold individually
Box Products: Products sold only in whole boxes

NB: It is the number of products in the delivery that is the basis for the shipping calculation, not the total order.
Additional rates
Startup Fee: hired transport 750, - (zone freight)
Urgent order: 450, -
Budbil: faktisk kost

Bomtur own cars: 360, -
Toll tour hired transport: actual diet

Always call us on 23 33 57 00/ 55 30 20 00 if it is urgent to get something delivered


The purchase of beer, wine or spirits assumes that you have a fixed appropriation and sufficient appropriation for the goods purchased. (Ambulatory grant is not accepted).

Customers with grants for groups 1 and 2 may in some cases (in the case of an extended authorisation to group 3) purchase goods in group 3, upon presentation of a copy of the extended authorisation.

Subject to change in vintages.